First of all: RECOIL19.NET - A Visual RECOIL Discography is NOT a complete RECOIL discography!


All information featured here is based on my private collection only.
This means all commercial releases from the U.K. and the U.S. along with many promotional and other interesting items from the rest of the world.

All times specified to music tracks were taken from the actual CD duration times or were measured (if a track is unavailable on CD) and may therefore differ from duration times printed on covers or records.

Tracks performed by RECOIL resp. Alan Wilder had contributed to are marked in bold style in any release details.

As the original RECOIL19.NET website isn't 'mobile friendly' I decided to do a new version of it based on the HTML5/CSS3 standards.

The development of this RECOIL19.NET V2.0 website started in March 2016 and it finally went online in November of the same year (read more).

I did and still do everything by hand as I have a certain dislike for any HTML-code-generator.

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