As the original RECOIL19.NET website isn't 'mobile friendly' I decided to do a new version of it based on the current HTML5/CSS3 standards.


My main premise was that the new version should also work properly on mobile devices such as iPad and iPhone. These days more and more people are using these instead of PCs or Laptops.
When I checked the old website on an iPad I experienced some (bad) surprises and I wasn't happy about that. The first version was developed 2002-2004 and was basically done the way like websites were done at that point of time. Times changed and preparing a website is done in a different way these days using different standards.


The new version is a bit different compared to the original one regarding the structure and information content.
I didn't take over all the links to mix details for every RECOIL track - if you're interested in this information please use the old site. Instead I included relevant credits (to be expanded) to the individual releases. In addition the "Discography"-section is structured in a completely different way now. The main focus is now on the releases themselves and not on the country of origin (UK/US/rest of the world).


I added links to Vimeo/YouTube videos from the official RECOIL channels (only) where applicable. It was interesting to watch them all again - I hadn't seen most of them for years.


I'm reusing all large images from the original website. I had to redo the thumbnail images though as the original ones are a bit too small for the new design and these didn't look right. As I'm reusing the images of the old site this means the old version will also be maintained in the future as it is some kind of a backbone for the new site.


The development of RECOIL19.NET V2.0 started in March 2016...
My first task before that was to catch up with HTML5 and CSS3, playing around with first ideas and doing some prototyping. I learned a lot during this phase. Once I had created some kind of a standard "framework" that suited the displays of several devices, progress was rather quick. I had already all the images and I had already all the information. Therefore the transfer to the new site was quite easy - it was basically a lot of "copy&paste" work.


I haven't ever been using any software to prepare pages of the website. All was and is still done by hand with a simple text-editor called "TextPad". As my profession is software engineer I have a certain dislike for any code-generators as those tend to produce lots of code that isn't actually all necessary. This means that the code of both RECOIL19.NET websites is a rather slim one. Especially the code of the new site is very slim.





The main structure of the new site is as follows -


Almost identical to the old site.



Basically the same information as on the old site with much less pages. You can find also a 'Guide' page to get directly to any part resp. a 'Releases' page where all featured releases of this section can be accessed directly.



This is now the third section before the videos. Due to the 'grid' menu of the old site it made more sense to spread the discography in the 2nd row as sections 4/5/6.
Now the discography moved more to the beginning which makes sense as this is a discography website in the first place. As mentioned before the focus is now on the releases themselves and not the countries of origin.
Apart the individual releases on the main page there's a 'Compilation' page featuring all commercial and promotional compilations. 'Other Items' holds everything that didn't fit to the 'Releases' (main page) or the 'Compilations'.
The 'Worldwide' list features all RECOIL releases including items I don't have in my collection but I have knowledge of existence (these have no link of course).
The 'Bootlegs' list features all fake/bootleg items I currently own or have knowledge about. If you have knowledge of any items missing in the 'Worldwide' or 'Bootlegs' lists please let me know and I will be happy to add them.



Almost identical to the old site.



Identical to the old site.



All RECOIL events are featured more prominent here on the new site in a new section (these were part of the "Info Area" on the old site).



Is simplified and covers now "(Re)Mixers" / "Record Labels/Licensees" / "Trivia".



8. LINKS -
More simplified.




You can still reach the old site with the subsequent link -


I'm very pleased with the new design - I hope you like the new site too!