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Barry Adamson


Brought up in Manchester's Moss Side, Barry Adamson began his career in 1977, learning to play bass literally overnight to play for MAGAZINE, Manchester's most influential band of that era.


When they disbanded, five albums later in 1981, his definite touch was spotted by the BIRTHDAY PARTY, with whom he played several times. After the band's final implosion in 1983, Barry became a founder member of THE BAD SEEDS, along with Nick Cave, Mick Harvey and Blixa Bargeld. He recorded three albums with them before deciding rock music was too restricting a format for his ideas.


Recognising his potential, Mute offered him a solo deal in 1987, resulting in the 1988 single THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM - a cinematic statement of intent. Nurturing a vision of The Great Soundtrack, Barry returned to Manchester's mean streets to compose the autobiographical thriller MOSS SIDE STORY - the themes for a film that never existed. Uncovering Adamson influences, from John Barry to Ennio Morricone to Lalo Schifrin, the album set a precedent for inventive forms and thinking through echoes of cinema past. His next EP was THE TAMING OF THE SHREWD, which was followed by his first invitation to score for 'real' for Carl Colpaert's gun crazy movie Delusion. Others soon followed; Delayed Shock, the short Eos, and Allison Ander's acclaimed Gas, Food, Lodging.


Barry's personal investigations continued with 1992's Mercury Prize nominated SOUL MURDER, an album which would later be pillaged by Trent Reznor for music for the Natural Born Killers soundtrack. A sojourn in LA producing the band Ethyl Meatplow resulted in several poignant ideas for the six track hit THE NEGRO INSIDE ME (1993) before the desire to delve further into movieology led Barry to studying film in New York. Here, ideas for his next full length album were also formulated, but it wasn't until Adamson had undergone a painful hip reconstruction operation that he could release what he describes as 'the third part in a personal trilogy', OEDIPUS SCHMOEDIPUS in 1996. The album garnered him his most widespread acclaim to date as a composer of vision, insight and innovation. It also came to the attention of David Lynch, who immediately offered Barry work on the score for his film The Lost Highway.


In 1998 he released the album AS ABOVE, SO BELOW, Barry's first record to extensively utilise his vocal talents. This year also saw Barry performing live with a full band for the first time in over ten years as well as scoring the music for the BBC television drama series City Central. THE MURKY WORLD OF BARRY ADAMSON, released in 1999, is a collection that is representative if his vast solo recording career and exhibits his wide ranging talents.



Barry Adamson did a remix of 'CONTROL FREAK' for the DRIFTING single.



Philipp Erb


Philipp Erb did several remixes of 'FAITH HEALER' for the FAITH HEALER single together with Daniel Miller.



Richard Hall (Moby)


Richard Hall - better known to the music world as Moby (he is the great-great-great-great-grandnephew of the author Herman Melville, hence the stage name) - has always been impossible to categorise. Rock, funk, hardcore punk, hip-hop, dance, techno - Moby's ever eclectic music has embraced each genre, often at the same time, but always with dynamic results.


Born in New York, but raised in Darien, Connecticut, Hall learned to play the guitar at the age of eight. Aged 14, while attending the very traditional Darien High school, he formed the VATICAN COMMANDOS, an Anglo-obsessed punk band. As a 19 year-old student of philosophy at the University of Connecticut, Hall was still entranced by music.


In 1983, he transferred to the State University of New York, but soon dropped out to start DJing and follow a career in music. Inspired by the unpredictable career paths of Brian Eno, David Bowie and John Lydon, Moby was drawn towards the late 1980's House scene. Consequently his first single releases were highly popular with the emerging Rave scene, with his 1991 single GO (featuring his interpretation of the Twin Peaks TV show theme), becoming a top ten UK hit.


His first Mute album was EVERYTHING IS WRONG released by Mute in 1995. Featuring the electrifying singles HYMN, FEELING SO REAL and EVERYTIME YOU TOUCH ME, EVERYTHING IS WRONG saw Moby blending techno, thrash rock and jungle, creating his own distinctive sound, while proclaiming his Christian and Vegan beliefs in the sleeve notes. Inspired by playing on the 1995 Lollapallooza tour, Moby returned to the music of his youth - in the form of brutal thrash-metal-punk songs - for his controversial 1996 album, ANIMAL RIGHTS. Abrasive and misanthropic, ANIMAL RIGHTS served notice that Moby would always follow his creative impulses, no matter were they led.


At the same time, under the pseudonym of Voodoo Child, he set up the Trophy Records label within the Mute umbrella and released THE END OF EVERYTHING, a stirring collection of synthetic orchestrations, as well as singles by Lopez & DJ Cake. In 1997, Moby released a compilation of some of his many compositions that have been featured in motion pictures, I LIKE TO SCORE. Among the tracks, was a hip-hop breakbeat driven version of the swinging JAMES BOND THEME, another UK hit and the indication of the direction of his 1998 album PLAY. Accessible, innovative and idiosyncratic, PLAY is Moby's most fully realised album to date. Weaving early 20th century blues and gospel samples with rock, hip-hop and funk into spirited songs and down beat instrumentals, the bestselling PLAY (a UK number 1 album), and the slew of singles it sired, continues to emotionally connect with audiences and critics across the globe.



Richard Hall did a remix of 'FAITH HEALER' for the FAITH HEALER single.



Bon Harris


Bon Harris (born Vaughan David Harris) is an English composer, producer, singer/song writer, and multi-instrumentalist. He is a founding member of the quintessential British EBM group NITZER EBB, programming NITZER EBB's signature sound. He also played drums and synthesizers for NITZER EBB, as well as lending his voice to several tracks.


Since 1995, Harris has become an in-demand collaborator working with DEPECHE MODE, THE SMASHING PUMKINS, EVANESCENCE, AFI, Avril Lavigne, BUSH and Billy Corgan, who asked Bon to co-produce his solo album, THE FUTURE EMBRACE.


Harris's band, MAVEN, is on hold as he works on other projects. Harris also worked closely with Marilyn Manson, programming electronics and recording for his 2000 album HOLY WOOD. Manson appears as a guest on MAVEN's cover of Nick Cave's "Hard On For Love".


Harris resides in Los Angeles and continues to work as a film and TV composer. He worked on Bravo's popular shows Project Runway and Top Chef, as well as NBC's Treasure Hunters.


NITZER EBB embarked on a worldwide tour in 2006 that continued until 2008 when Harris returned to the studio to work on the album INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX which was released in 2009.



Bon Harris did a remix of 'THE KILLING GROUND' for the SELECTED album.



David Husser


David Husser did a remix of 'PREY' for the PREY (free) download single (it was later edited by Alan Wilder and Paul Kendall for the SELECTED album).



Roger Johnson


Roger Johnson did a remix of 'JEZEBEL' for the JEZEBEL EP together with Slick Sixty.





The Sheffield techno duo of Mark Bell and Gez Varley have a reputation that, at first glance, might seem to exceed them. Having released only two records and not many more singles in their eight years together, the pair's apparently meager contribution would hardly seem to bear out the claim that they've been one of British techno's most important, agenda-setting groups. Nonetheless, early singles such as WE ARE BACK, FREEZE, and LOVE IS THE MESSAGE from their debut FREQUENCIES, as well as TIED UP from the more recent ADVANCE, have indelibly marked British techno with Detroit's progressiveness, electro's funk, and an unflinching, uniquely British experimentalism.


Taking their name from the foundational component of the synthesizers - the low frequency oscillator (kind of like calling a rock group Power Chord) - the pair were approached by the Sheffield-based Warp label in the late '80s, after tapes the pair had put together on some junky, second-hand equipment caught the ears and dancefloors of local clubs and DJs. Both Bell and Varley admit to roots in the early- and mid-'80s hip-hop and electro invasions as well as the more obvious British acid house explosion, and their affectation for thick electronic breaks, vocoder samples, and sparse, modal melodies derive largely from that source.


Releasing their bass-heavy debut in 1991 to universal acclaim, the pair were silent for the next five years, with rumours of a follow-up surfacing from time to time failing to produce anything. Reportedly working with Alan Wilder and Karl Bartos of KRAFTWERK (none of that material's ever seen light), LFO finally resurfaced in 1995 with the ironically titled TIED UP, followed several months later by ADVANCE. The group also remixed tracks for BJÖRK and THE SABRES OF PARADISE, but broke up soon after.


Varley went on to a solo career, while Bell worked on tracks for BJÖRK's HOMOGENIC album. Mark Bell also produced DEPECHE MODE's EXCITER album released in 2001.



LFO did several remixes of 'FAITH HEALER' for the FAITH HEALER single.



Daniel Miller


In 1978, Daniel Miller set up the Mute label to release a single he recorded as THE NORMAL. Called T.V.O.D., it was backed with a song WARM LEATHERETTE, which investigated the erotic possibilities of a car crash. The single sold well enough for Mute to become a full-time operation.


Daniel worked for countless bands as (co-)producer/remixer since then.



Daniel Miller did several remixes of 'FAITH HEALER' for the FAITH HEALER single together with Philipp Erb.



Daniel Myer (Architect)


ARCHITECT is the creation of German mastermind Daniel Myer. Born in 1971 and based in Bielefeld, Daniel began experimenting with electronic music in his teenage years, and in 1993 he founded the legendary electro-industrial/EBM project HAUJOBB.


Since then he has made a name for himself within the electronic scene and initiated many other projects such as HMB, NEWT and DESTROID. Since 2007, he has been a permanent member of the renowned Swedish EBM band COVENANT.


ARCHITECT was created in 1998 and can be easily described as the most fascinating of Daniel's projects. Focusing primarily on minimal techno, powerful distorted sequences and razor-sharp breakbeats, ARCHITECT manages to create a unique hybrid of electronica with smooth ambient soundscapes, rendering the results suitable for both listening and dancing.


ARCHITECT joined RECOIL on the 'SELECTED' Events 2010 tour.



ARCHITECT did several remixes of 'WANT' for the WANT (free) download EP.



Pan Sonic (formerly Panasonic)


A who's who & why for PAN SONIC a duo from Turku, Finland formed PANASONIC in 1994 their speciality being the use of handmade analog tone generators (think old radio sets) they do not use synthesisers. They can use samplers & sometimes do, but usually only for rhythm sounds first album VAKIO released in 1995. Video for URANIA by Brian Griffin is nominated for DADD (design & art directors) award for excellence - other nominees, THE ROLLING STONES. Video tours world within DADD show of excellence in major art institutions. MTV show video repeatedly.


Angela Bulloch (Turner prize nominee) selects their work for her show at museum of modern art, new york. K.L.F. loan them their armoured car fitted with 40k p.a. system. New musical express devote two & half pages to them.


1997 release second album KULMA & mini album OSASTO cover of 'The Wire' magazine. Tour japan. Remix BJÖRK's HEADPHONES & 2k (KLF) FUCK THE MILLENIUM tour Europe as guests of THE SWANS, final tour. Receive grant from finnish cultural institute for 'aesthetics'. Accept an invitation from Comme Des Garcons to perform live at Paris homme fashion show reinvited to perform at Commes Des Garcons Paris & Tokyo femme shows.


Japanese electronic giant request name change from PANASONIC to PAN SONIC after first USA records released. The independent (UK daily paper) Micholas Barber describes them as 'either the future of music or the worst art joke ever' 1998 SUICIDE invited them to open for their one off reformation declaring them as being 'the only band taking our idea further' record with Alan Vega of SUICIDE as V.V.V. the album ENDLESS their first record to feature any vocals! Brian Griffin makes a video for the title track shown on national TV in Finland. Record John Peel session Mika relocates himself & the studio to Barcelona, Spain. Sound installations at Paris (Feb) Moma & Walker art gallery, Minneapolis USA (Oct). Remix Riuchi Sakamoto (to be released on ninja tune) Meg Andrews (1998 young designer of the year) commisions music for her BBC 2 eight week documentary on her life this year.


BJÖRK interviews them for her 'future sounds' documentary for CH4. Royal college of art design student Robert Green makes 'Artic Rangers' model kit based on PAN SONIC & featuring their music for his degree show as a limited edition of 500. 1999 Feb 4th - 7th - perform @ the Neue Berlin Mille Plateaux festival @ Berliner Fernsehturm (a 203 m high tv tower in former East Berlin) in the revolving restaurant with PAN SONIC signature sine wave projected onto front of the nearby Volksbühne arts theatre. Release album entitled 'A'.



PANASONIC did a remix of 'SHUNT' for the DRIFTING single (it was later remastered and edited for the SELECTED album).





PARKERLAB is Guy Teixeira.



PARKERLAB did a remix of 'ALLELUJAH' for the SELECTED album.



Davide Rossi


Davide Francesco Rossi is a violinist, string arranger, composer and a record producer, perhaps best known for being the violinist, guitar and keytar-player for the British electronic music group GOLDFRAPP, and for his large contribution of electric violin parts and for all the string arrangements of COLDPLAY's album VIVA LA VIDA OR DEATH AND ALL HIS FRIENDS and THE VERVE's album FORTH.



Davide Rossi did re-interpretations of '5000 YEARS' and 'STRANGE HOURS' (featuring The Black Ships) for the SELECTED album.



Slick Sixty


SLICK SIXTY deliver a singular blend of laid back fat beats, crazy guitar, deep bass grooves and striking samples. The group, a three piece, comprise of Richie, Nathan & M.J.. Nathan and Richie met in a breakdance competition for a local radio station and the pair have produced skatewear under the name Filthy. Filthy also create the artwork and photography for their releases. M.J. also records and engineers all SLICK SIXTY's material, together with co-producer Kevin Paul.


SLICK SIXTY's debut single for Mute was HILARY, LAST OF THE POOL SHARKS, an inspired concoction comprising lo-fi downbeat melody, sharp hip hop scratching and fractured guitar stylings. The track received high critical acclaim and was followed by the debut album, NIBS & NABS. Driving, hypnotic and funky, NIBS & NABS was aptly recorded in Super Slick Stereo Sound.



SLICK SIXTY did a remix of 'JEZEBEL' for the JEZEBEL EP together with Roger Johnson.



The Slips


THE SLIPS are David Treahearn and Rob Haggett.



THE SLIPS did a remix of 'THE KILLING GROUND' for the THE KILLING GROUND (free) download single.



Ehron VonAllen


EHRON VonALLEN is a dark style synth-pop act based in Dallas, Texas. Born Aaron Christopher Allen in 1980, VonAllen began music in a small town of 4,000 in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas during the mid 1990s. Delving deep into the gothic scene, VonAllen tried to emulate his favorite music such as DEPECHE MODE, NITZER EBB and Tori Amos.


In 2000, VonAllen moved to Phoenix to form the very colorful but strange industrial trio NUCLEAR WINTER. During this time the band enjoyed a year of shows played throughout the Phoenix area, released a full length album and hired a band manager. However, the band soon after permanently disbanded.


It is widely known to his fanbase that he is heavily influenced by his musical idol Alan Wilder. His instruments of choice are the synthesizer and piano. Although not claiming to be a guitarist, he has appeared on stage with a guitar a few times and is credited on albums for guitar work.



EHRON VonALLEN did a remix of 'JEZEBEL' for the WANT (free) download EP.